Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday November 23

Mid 40's and overcast at game time, perfect!  26 guys including one guest, Jake's coach Sean.  No keepers, nets minded by field players.

8:14 Rocco! for blue 1-0
8:19 Jeff to Chompan for blue, 2-0
8:38 keeble for white, 2-1
8:50 George for blue, 3-1
8:52 Mario for white, 3-2
8:53 Danny to Jerry for white, 3-3
8:57 Vince with a put back of a shot blocked by keeper Bobby, for white, 3-4
8:59 corner by Rocc put in by Marlen, 4-4
9:25 Jake for blue for a change, 5-4
9:29 Mario to Jerry, 5-5
9:30 Rosner puts up a nice feed from the 50, to Mario, 5-6
9:33 Rosner to Vince, 5-7
9:45 Vince, 5-8
Rich and Reuben, both on the blue team, dropped out so Ros came over to help out.
9:52 Adam to Danny 5-9
Final goal not noted.

We are hoping to play Friday.  And come out Thursday morning for the USR 5k.

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