Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday November 16

A little frost on the turf this morning.  Doug A brought a guest, Frank, and we started 11 v 11, Doug in the white net, field players in for blue.  Scott R finally joined the game and it was 12 blue vs 11 white.

8:11 Jeff puts a corner in, 1-0
8:16 Marlen to Rosner for blue, 2-0
8:29 George for blue, 3-0
Juan showed up for the first time in quite a while and joins the white side;
8:41 guest Frank for white, 3-1
8:43 Keebs for white, 3-2
8:52 Juan 3-3
new kid Dave left at 9, white is down a guy again;
9:16 Chompan for blue, 4-3
9:24 Frank again, 4-4
9:26 Rosner all by himself for blue, 5-4
9:31, Rosner miss put back by Rocco, 6-4
Keith out, Jerry goes to white;
9:50 Marlen to Chompan, 7-4

White scored again but guys were already leaving the field.  The Waldwick boys are here for their practice, their season will end this week, win or lose.  Some discussion of moving the start time.  Last season we stayed at 8 through the winter.

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